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6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home Before You Sell

BY Bridge Estate

Getting ready to sell any property can be both exciting and stressful. As you move toward a new chapter (or home) in your life, you are also taking on the responsibility of preparing your current house or condo for sale. To help relieve some of the stress that comes with property selling – and to help get you some extra money from the sale – we have compiled this list of easy ways to quickly and cost-effectively add value to your home.

The number one way to make your home feel like new is a fresh coat of paint. When selling your house or condo use neutral tones on walls and cabinets to give potential buyers a blank canvas on which to put their own personal touch. You want someone to walk in and immediately start to envision how the house will look when they add their own artwork, photographs and furniture. 

And while bright colors or graphic wallpapers may suit your personal taste, these bold design choices can put off future homeowners.

It is also important to take extra care when repainting corners, edges or moldings so as not to spill or leave unwanted marks on edges.  Use painter’s tape and plastic sheeting to ensure the highest level of quality and professional work. Remember, you are trying to sell your property, so always think about the buyer and their needs.

Deep clean
When buyers are looking for a new home, they want to be wowed. Taking the time to deep clean your property goes a long way in making first impressions. Hiring a professional cleaning service is one answer, however it never hurts to go through each room with a critical eye to make sure they are spotless from floor to ceiling. Easy tasks like wiping down counters, walls and baseboards, removing smudges from mirrors and windows and scrubbing away any limescale or hard water stains in the bathrooms can make future owners feel the house is well taken care of and in top condition.

Declutter, declutter, declutter
Even the most well-kept properties can seem unattractive to buyers if there is too much clutter. Boxing up personal items, like photos, awards or family heirlooms, and spending time decluttering shelves, closets and drawers are simple ways to inspire future owners to picture their own belongings in the house. It also makes the house feel cleaner and opens up the space – which is especially important for smaller properties and condos.  

On a personal level, decluttering is also a way to relieve stress before a move. Use this time to revisit the items that are most important to you and throw out or donate those that are simply taking up space and adding unnecessary clutter in your everyday life. 

Update your hardware
Updating hardware, like door knobs and cupboard handles, may seem like a minor detail when selling your house, but it can have a major impact on how potential buyers view your property.  Research current housing trends in your area to see which colors and styles are most popular and best suited for your property. If possible, use the same style of knob or handle throughout the house for consistency and flow.

Let there be light
Before selling your home, take time to brighten up any areas that are not well-lit by investing in quality lighting. This can be as simple as changing out your current lightbulbs in favor of warm, energy-efficient bulbs or adding a floor lamp or table lamp to a corner of a room that is usually darker. 

The added light will brighten up the room, making the space feel bigger and more inviting. Don’t forget outdoor lighting too! This is especially important for new homeowners as they are moving into a new and potentially unfamiliar area. Outdoor lighting can provide a sense of security as well as opening up the property to indoor-outdoor living.

Love the outside
Whether you live in a townhome or a detached house, curb appeal is extremely important. The outside of your home is the first impression you give to potential buyers and can set the tone for showing the house. Add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or shutters, make sure that any plants or flowers are green and well-groomed and tidy up any shelves or storage space. A well-kept exterior instills confidence in future homeowners that you care about your property both inside and out.

Looking for more tips and insight before selling our property? Contact our team and of our agents will be happy to assist.

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