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How to Create Your Perfect Work-From-Home Oasis

BY Bridge Estate

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact lives and economies around the world, more and more companies are moving away from the traditional office setting and encouraging (or requiring) employees to work from home. 

This shift in corporate culture is being met with mixed feedback – with some employees seeing increased performance due to a more flexible work day and fewer in-office distractions. Others, however, are finding it difficult to adjust to spending nearly all day within the confines of their homes or apartments.

While it is still uncertain as to when life and business will return to normal, there are ways to improve your overall work-from-home experience. These four simple steps can help even the most seasoned distance employees bring creativity, productivity and peace of mind into your home office. 

Establish Your Space

The key to being productive at home is first taking the time to establish a space that is only for work. This helps your mind separate worktime from personal time. And while not everyone is fortunate enough to have a room specifically designated as a home office, this does not mean you still cannot have a designated working area. 

Try to find a spot that is well-lit and away from distractions like the TV or outside noise pollution. Find a chair that you only use during your office hours and avoid working from your bed or sofa. This keeps these areas reserved for rest and relaxation, which is especially important for those living in smaller spaces where it is more difficult to establish defined zones. 

Set a Schedule

Working from home makes it easy to fall out of your daily routine. To avoid sinking into the work-from-home-in-my-pajamas-without-showering regimen, be sure to set specific working hours and goals to achieve each day. 

Treat working from home like any regular day at the office. Wake up, shower and get dressed like you are going to work. This helps your brain switch out of relaxation mode and into work mode. Eat a balanced breakfast and start your day on time in your designated work space. 

Be sure to leave yourself time for coffee or stretch breaks. Take a walk at lunch to reenergize and sign off from your computer when the day is over. Sticking to this daily schedule will help you focus and stay in a more productive and positive mindset.

Stay Organized

Now that your office is at home, you may notice an increase in work-related clutter which can lead to unwanted stress and mess. Investing in items like storage baskets, filing cabinets, sticky notes and folders can help you better stay on top of your work while also ensuring you stay organized. 

Space is valuable, especially with a makeshift home office, so look for organizational items that offer convenience and functionality. Some tips for being more organized include:

  • Using Bluetooth and wireless accessories to avoid cord clutter
  • Moving your work to the Cloud or online storage platforms to create less need for paper and the storage items that come with it
  • Keeping your most-used office supplies within easy reach and tucking away your lesser used items in closed storage containers
  • Labeling everything for easy access
  • Spending time at the end of each week decluttering your space and throwing away or recycling anything you no longer need

Add Your Personal Touch 

Once your space, routine and organizational needs are clear, you can focus on personalizing your work-from-home oasis. Since this area is a designated mini-office, it does not need to necessarily match your home décor. This also helps you more easily establish the boundaries between work time and personal time. Here are a few easy ways to personalize your space:

  • Bring in life with plants and flowers
  • Light a candle to reduce stress
  • Find a funky lamp for extra lighting
  • Hang up artwork for added flair or a cork board for important notes
  • Think about colors and textures that make you feel calm and motivated
  • Focus on adding elements that make you want to ‘go to work’ every day

As people now spend the majority of their time at home, it is more important than ever to find a way to separate your living space from your working space. Take the time to establish boundaries to create a more productive positive work-life balance.


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