Thailand is the Best Country for Digital Nomads


Digital nomads are people who use technology to earn a living while leading a nomadic lifestyle. They are location-independent and work remotely. All they usually need is a charging point and strong wifi, and they can conduct their business and work from anywhere around the world.

The global pandemic has been the driving force behind huge cultural shifts in 2020, one of which is the traditional working cultures of fixed offices and working hours. The future of work is going to look very different in a post-pandemic future, with more flexibility in where you can work from – whether from home or elsewhere.

In Asia, Thailand has been consistently appearing on lists of best countries for digital nomads to live and work in, even before the onset of the pandemic. We take a look at why the country is so popular among digital nomads.


There is something for everyone


Bangkok is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia, with many cities rapidly evolving into metropolitan areas that are getting increasingly attractive towards nomadic locals and foreigners alike.

Bangkok, as the capital of Thailand, is the biggest and most populous city in the country. It is perfect for those who want to be in the thick of things, with people of extremely diverse backgrounds coming together to make the city a vibrant place to live and work in. Bangkok has a huge population of young people, with 40% of the population being below 20 years old. This makes it a magnet for young entrepreneurs and changemakers to network and thrive.

Bangkok’s transport networks are a huge draw for digital nomads that are looking to live and work in the city. Its transport facilities, while extensive, are still expanding in the aim of cementing Bangkok and Thailand as a global transportation hub. Residents can expect to have their commute times greatly reduced as more of the city gets connected via trains and buses.

Bangkok also has the fifth fastest broadband internet speeds in the world – one of the most important facilities for digital nomads, who depend on the internet for the majority of their work.

Bangkok’s world-class infrastructure makes it the perfect city for the young nomad to live, work and thrive in.

Phuket and Chiang Mai are not particularly known for being a metropolitan hub. Phuket with its beautiful beaches and sprawling resorts, and Chiang Mai with its cool weather and mountainous landscape, are popular tourist hotspots. However, these two cities are also coming into their own as popular choices for digital nomads to live and work out of.

Phuket has been touted as Thailand’s first ever Smart City, to be part of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN). Chiang Mai’s steadily growing digital nomad community attracts those looking for a slower pace of life.

Major cities in Thailand have been investing in their entrepreneurial ecosystem, with many startup and co-working spaces set up to encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

Thailand is very foreigner-friendly, offering multi-tier visas to digital nomads who want to work out of and contribute to the burgeoning economy of the country.

Lower cost of living

Thailand, even with its sprawling metropolitan cities, still has a comparatively lower cost of living compared to its neighbouring countries in the region like Singapore and Malaysia. It truly strikes a perfect balance between having lower costs of living with world-class public infrastructure that serves the people.

Young singles and families alike, who are looking for a change in scenery, pace and flexibility, are confident in moving to Thailand and its diverse provinces to enjoy the life they’ve been dreaming about.

Housing and schooling are relatively more affordable in Thailand compared to other advanced cities in the region. Bangkok’s condominium market is still very attractive to people looking to purchase beautiful homes, for a very affordable rate in central city locations.

Easy to travel within the country

Thailand is made up of a whopping 75 diverse cities and towns, each offering unique charms and beauty. Through its Thailand 4.0 initiatives, Thailand is looking to improve and establish deep intercity connections through the upgrading of transport networks and infrastructure. This will make every part of the country more accessible to everyone, allowing human movement in a convenient manner and making it more appealing to digital nomads.

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