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Weekly Thailand Property News Update , EP 2 , 2023

BY Kittipong Kongthanarung

1.Update on the top 10 property global trends in 2023

Baramizi Lab updates the top 10 global trends that people in the industry should be aware of if they want to avoid falling behind in 2566. Did you know that the younger generation is renting homes and condos more instead of wanting to be property owners?

The current global trend focuses on sustainable growth, causing businesses to adapt significantly.

Similarly, the real estate industry, which is the focus of Baramizi Lab’s research on trends and future concepts, has evaluated and determined the top 10 trends that will transform the real estate industry worldwide.


The urban society and the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the duration of stay in living spaces, and people seek solace in nature, affecting the health industry as well.


People crave peace and tranquility in a fast-paced life and seek balance and calmness, which may affect the design of living spaces.


The experience of a home that accommodates every dimension of life.


By 2050, one in five of the global population will be aged 65 or older. Residential living spaces will be the first consideration for this target group when entering old age.


The accepted trend of renting instead of owning homes among the younger generation is becoming increasingly apparent. It has been found that the trend of renting condos among the working-age group (Millennials) is increasing significantly, while the search for buying condos has decreased from 43% to just 31%.


Building Life-Long Customers through Business Model Transformation

The trend of consumer demand is becoming increasingly specific and flexible, such as shorter lease agreements to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers.


Because we all want a helper to take care of time-consuming tasks and increase our happiness.


Leading for the benefit of the world and business by aiming for net zero emissions.


Innovation adaptation for the benefit of humanity. In times of disaster, the impact on both life and property is immense. Therefore, we need to be resilient, with homes that can withstand extreme weather conditions such as floods, earthquakes, and wildfires.


Research and development for seeking new communities.

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2.”ASIA NEW HIGH: 37 listed property firms in thailand break revenue records exceeding 330 billion.”

If 2563-2564 is the lowest point of Thailand’s real estate business due to the severe contraction of the residential market, including new supply and demand, with only the flood crisis in 2011 hitting a negative growth of 20%.

The year 2565 is likely to be a surprising and rapid recovery year for the market, despite the unfavorable environmental factors that have plagued the industry over the past year. Political risks, the Ukrainian conflict, energy crisis, accelerating consumer prices, supply chain disruptions, and the highest global inflation rate in decades have led central banks in many countries to quickly raise interest rates, affecting business costs and limiting consumer purchasing power.

However, this has had only a minor impact on Thailand’s real estate business, as when considering the performance data of the registered property companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, all 37 companies continue to generate a combined revenue of 300 billion baht, growing by 18.05%, along with the term “All Time High” in all dimensions of the industry’s fundamentals.

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3 . “Detached houses priced between 10 to 25 million baht are growing in popularity among high-income groups, . In thailand real estate market  2023”

For those concerned about the real estate market in 2566, the market for single homes priced at 25 million baht or more is currently experiencing oversupply, while the premium townhome market for homes priced at 5 million baht or more has also been saturated with new projects. The sales rate for both of these segments is declining noticeably. The condominium market, on the other hand, is expected to rebound as new project launches have been limited, but luxury condos priced over 200,000 baht per square meter are still selling slowly.

Single homes priced between 10-25 million baht are still favored by high-income groups and are expected to be a positive sign for the Thai economy. The trend in the real estate market this year is that customers are placing greater importance on well-being. Digital detox is becoming a popular behavior as people are taking temporary breaks from using technology and spending more time offline. They are choosing to consume online media only for topics that interest them, focusing more on improving their quality of life, the environment, society, and mental health.

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