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Which Color Should I Choose? A Look at Paint Trends in 2021

BY Bridge Estate

Painting your home is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your space. Not only does it provide opportunity to play with color and add depth to any room, but a fresh coat of paint is also one of the most economical ways to increase a property’s value before resale.  


As people find themselves spending more time at home over the last year, there has been an uptick in home improvement projects. With regard to paint trends, we are seeing a shift toward more uplifting and rejuvenating colors that bring a cozy and comforting energy to interior spaces. 


Are you looking to update your own interior? Here we explore some of the most popular paint color trends for 2021 to help inspire you on your home decorating journey:


Jewel Tones

Inspired by gem stones, jewel tones are bold and eye-catching saturated hues that align with the growing ‘return-to-nature’ trend. Use these colors to bring life to outdated rooms by painting accent walls or go big and paint an entire room; we have even seen some home owners adding color to their ceilings. Owing to their deep and luxurious shades, jewel tones provide the perfect backdrop for making furniture, artwork and even area rugs pop. 


Popular jewel tones include Aquamarine, Jade, Ruby, Azure and Amethyst. 


Natural Tones

The Covid-19 pandemic has stirred up feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality as we find comfort in our homes and families. Reconnect with nature and the simple things in life through rich and calming browns, greens and earth tones. These natural hues can turn any room into a cozy sanctuary, which is why paint manufacturer Sherwin Williams chose Urbane Bronze SW 7048 as its 2021 Color of the Year.


Popular natural tones include Moss Green, Sage and Chocolate Brown.


Light and Dark

Playing with light and dark colors adds a new depth to interior design in 2021. The Pantone Color of Year is a perfect example, pairing the more basic Ultimate Grey with a pop of vibrant Illuminating Yellow. Use contrasting tones to bring a playful juxtaposition to your home or to define spaces within a room – which can be especially helpful for those who are now living and working in the same place.


Popular color combinations include Sapphire and Mustard, Orange and Teal, and Mint and Grey.



While accent walls can add a much-need pop of color to a room, this year we are seeing a trend toward monochromatic painting. For some this means painting all four walls of a room in one color (with some even including the molding and ceiling), while others opt for a monochromatic color story that plays with light and dark shades of a single color family – think mint, seafoam, jade and emerald green.  


With any monochromatic scheme, remember to look for warmer tones that bring a comforting and homey energy to your space.

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